12 Amazing Health Benefits of Acai Bowls

Many health professionals consider that acai is a superfood. As such, it has been linked to incredible health benefits. A berry in its own right, Acai comes from Brazil. Eating it organic is always best.

Make sure you do not add too much sugar. It may just as well cancel the health benefits of Acai bowls. Some foods have a great impact on your body. However, it is a balanced diet and combination with other healthy foods that will produce the best health benefits.

As it turns out, Acai bowls have 12 amazing health benefits that you really need to know about!

Improves immune system

Acai has what is called the polyphenolic compound. According to studies, this compound can help reduce the development of malfunctioning cells by 86%.

Take tumors for example. No cure or treatment has been found yet. However, research is showing a relation between polyphenolic compound extracts taken from acai and reduction in tumor growth.

Good for the brain

Turns out, acai has some anti-aging properties (more on that later). Those properties extend beyond the skin and to the brain too! If your brain ages slower, it can work faster and more efficiently.

That is why, acai has been linked to improving cognitive functioning, alertness and the ability to think faster. However, still more research needs to be done.

Aids weight loss

Acai has been linked by health experts to weight loss and weight loss maintenance many times. Due to its many health properties, acai is a good food to curb cravings. It also a great alternative to fast food and fatty snacks.

Some more recent studies have associated acai pulp with reducing fat deposits in the body. However, more research is needed to confirm this.

Reduces bad cholesterol

Acai contains two essential fatty acids. They are omega-6 and omega-9. According to some studies, those two acids play an important role in maintaining cholesterol levels. They also actually reduce those levels too.

Healthy skin

Acai has a very high anti-oxidant levels. Thus, it is great for skin care. Oil extract from acai can be used on the skin to cleanse and moisturize. It is actually a great alternative to chemical products.

Boosts energy

Acai has a great impact on the body. All the health benefits combined make the body healthier. As a result, your body produces more stamina. The body has more energy as it works more efficiently.

If you are struggling against fatigue, acai is a great food to snack on!

Good for digestion

If you look closely, you will notice that acai is in a lot of detox juices. There is a good reason why. It has a strong detoxifying capacity. Acai is good to flush out the system.

The latter is cleaner and more functional as a result. It is also a good source of fiber that helps keep you regular.

Good for diabetics

Did you know? Acai has a low score on the glycemic index. This is great news for people with diabetes. It also has low lipid levels.

Thus, acai is a great solution to maintain steady glucose levels.

Anti-aging effects

We’ve briefly mentioned earlier that acai keeps the brain younger. This is because it has a high antioxidant content, which impacts aging.

For example, one small acai berry contains twice as many antioxidant as blueberry. And ten times as many as a grape! Acai is also rich in several phytochemical forms. Those have been linked to slowing down the signs of aging and even reversing them in some cases.

Increase blood circulation

Although there is no extensive research on the subject, acai may help increase blood circulation.

Promotes a healthy heart

Acai contains a specific kind of antioxidant. It is called anthocyanin. Turns out it is also present in red wine. As we mentioned earlier, acai can help lower levels of cholesterols in the body.

Low cholesterol levels have a direct impact on how well your heart is functioning. The different health benefits of an acai bowl combined have a great impact upon one’s health!

Good against harmful organisms

According to some studies, acai extract is very powerful. So much so that it helps fight against harmful organisms that may enter the body and cause harm.

Acai is very much like an added layer of protection.

Acai has a lot of benefits that will greatly improve your health. It will work even better combined with a balanced diet, frequent exercising and a good mental health. Acai bowls are also a great way to add plenty of other superfoods to your diet.

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